The Craziness Of Web Design

Now that we are in the final installment of all of these really complicated articles about web design I think it has come the time for us to start to learn just how crazy all of this type of web design stuff really is, and for the most part it is almost impossible for us to completely describe how web design happens just by words on a page although when you read these words on a page they are definitely a part of a code for the site, and this is important to understand because even though this little strand of content might be pretty simple coding, there has to be a bunch of other small coding snippets within this page that makes it everything that it is. Literally everything that you will see on a web page has to be coded from the content to the pictures the lay out to the advertisements to the clicking and all sorts of stuff has to be layered on top of each other so that hyper links and other web pages can be accessible this rabbit hole type of way, and this might seem really trippy and far out to you and that is probably because web design is really trippy and far out for most people.

Having said that web design is really trippy and out there I also think it is important for us to understand that for the most part people who are in the web design industry are very intelligent and they will seriously destroy your IQ or they could easily beat you in a game of scrabble unless you’re like me and you are really good at writing or something like that, but for the most part I think that we have to give ourselves a bunch of credit because this is something that we can not do anything about except sigh and say ooh you web design guys are just a bunch of goofy nerds, but we still love you to bits anyways. This obviously is how a lot of companies look at their web design guys, and I know that this might be a little bit disconcerting for you if you decided to make your own website from scratch through a website like Word Press of Square Space but of course that doesn’t mean that you are completely a web design loser, because at least your tried to do it on your own, and hey, think about it this way: you kind of were a web designer a little bit when you created that site but you just aren’t as good as the pros are so you shouldn’t be disappointed because only the pros are as good as the pros.

So let’s talk about page layout in terms of web design, and I think that a lot of people don’t quite understand how much work really goes into laying out the contents of a webpage because when you are actually working on the back end of a page you are definitely going to have to make a lot of mistakes in order to get it right because a lot of times you might just have a small little snippet of the coding wrong and that makes everything go awry, and then you have to go through all of your coding just to find that really small error and fix the problem. It’s like carpet cleaning, you have to be very careful with every step. This is definitely a big part of the life of a web designer because when you do something like web design everything has to be flawless, and maybe this is kind of way web designers are kind of strange geeky guys who are extremely meticulous in all aspects of their lives.

A Lot Going On Online

There is so much that we could talk about when it comes to the internet that I don’t even know where to even begin right now so I am simply going to keep talking about simple things until the overall subject matter for this particular article comes into my mind, and now that I have a good idea of what we are going to talk about in terms of this page we are going to get right into how complex and crazy the internet has become in recent years. Of course when the internet first got started we didn’t really have a lot of search engines and other ways of navigating the web very easily, and since the creation of sites like Google and Bing we have been able to literally find whatever we want on the internet and that of course has lead to a bunch and by a bunch I mean hundreds of millions if not billions upon billions of different websites about just about anything you could possibly imagine.

For the most part we understand that the internet is really over saturated with content but that doesn’t mean that we are unwilling to talk about it in an intellectual way because the entire premise of all of these articles is simply web design, and although web design is the furthest thing from being simple I think a lot of us understand that what we are doing when we are going online is a lot different than what we typically do in our regular lives but of course we are thinking about what we are doing online and how we go about doing it, and more importantly how all of the content online is virtually created by a professional web designer. This can be very time consuming and very frustrating, so sit back pour a glass of pinot noir and relax. In recent years there have been a number of sites that have allowed for just about anyone to make a pretty cool website without having to know any type of web design fundamentals or any type of coding, but of course we are going to be focusing on the other types of websites that are a little bit more complicated and deserve to be talked about through a professional web design lens.

And I think for the most part everyone understands that web designers are still really valuable people in today’s internet culture and they definitely get paid very well still because they have the abilities to create really exciting aspects of websites that we like, and the thing or certain aspect of web design that we are going to be talking about in this particular article is user experience and how web designers create websites to be more interactive for the people visiting the site on the front end of the internet. So if you are the type of person who really likes web design or maybe you are just curious then you have found yourself in a really cool spot online because for the most part this is exactly what we are going to be talking about for the most part in all of these articles so I hope you enjoy yourself and you have a good time while learning more about web design out here in the sunny skies of the internet.

So we all understand what I mean by a website being interactive, and I think in recent years interactive web sites have actually become really trendy and a lot of people are doing these types of quizzes that people really like to get involved in and through an algorithm kind of learn about themselves or something so it is always pretty interesting and I think for the most part we will talk more about this in our last installment of this article series on web design.

Vast Web Of Information

When it comes to the internet we are talking about a vast web of information that is all linked together through common servers and otherwise well known web browsers, and it is through all of these web browsers that everything is accessible including every single website online and all of those websites are subsequently connected to online servers that are helping these websites remain connected to the web so that they can be found by anyone online using a web browser.

As you can imagine it kind of is a cyclical pattern that happens throughout the internet and I know for the most part that all of us who are a part of this type of shenanigans online understand that it is really complicated, but of course for the most part people like you and me are not into web design and we only see the front side of the web, while that is also really complicated it comes nowhere close to the concepts that are going on behind the scenes of the internet on the back end of things where HTML and coding are the entire language of every microcosm of information online, and I think for the most part we can not understand how important this part of the internet is until we start to understand the fundamentals of web design.

That is exactly why we are here with all of these articles because we are going to dedicate all of the information and coding on this particular page of the internet to helping the readers of this coding and information on the front end of the internet get to know what is going on behind the scenes a little bit better, and the information that this will help people with is more than likely going to make you a much smarter individual who understands the internet better, but of course in order to understand the fundamentals of web design we must really start at the very beginning of what web design is, and I think for the most part we understand that web design is literally putting websites together from scratch and this is obviously a lot easier said than done, but of course that is part of what all these articles are about so without further adieu let’s get right into it and start learning more about web design.


One really important aspect of web design that we are going to be talking about that goes in a little bit past the fundamentals and starts to develop the more creative side of web design, because when we really think about it web design is a very creative career choice because you are literally taking a blank HTML document or Java Script page or whatever program you are using and then making a website out of it that everyone can see on the internet, and of course given that your domain rights are cool and you can get on a server then everyone will see your creations, and that is definitely the type of thing that sets people apart from the rest of the crowd and makes them more valuable employees in the 21st century. Now the thing I want to talk about in terms of web design is marketing and communication design, and this is where a web designer will create a web page specifically for a demographic of people or specifically for someone who understands the product and they do this by being aesthetically pleasing to that specific culture strand, and of course a business site will be different from a consumer site and all this type of thing, but this is exactly why this part of web design is very important because the overall objective of your site will determine its layout and the overall web design of the page so knowing what you want to get out of your site is of the utmost importance in terms of web design.  


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Web Design Templates

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to web design, and that is exactly why it is so important that we try to narrow down the specific topics of each of these articles because we could really start rambling on about web design here, which just so happens to be the exact game plan of all of these web design articles, but of course there still is a lot of things that we can teach the readers of these articles and actually allow for them to get something out of this content, which is mostly used for search engine optimization anyways, but this is a big part of web design these days and that is simply because the internet has become so involved and over populated with all sorts of content in literally all different regards that it is hard to stand out with any type of website unless people are really interested in your site and you have a really good domain name and it is easy to find, which is so much easier said than done and it is pretty rare that people will even look things up because for the most part people these days just find things through other sites like Facebook and then go from there towards the content that they want to absorb, but of course web design consists of everything that you can not see on the actual internet but it is the language of the web and that is something that we call HTML or hyper text markup language.

And for the most part when we think of the language of the internet we are pretty much referring to the many different ways in which professional web designers go about creating websites, and as I am sure that you can imagine you can now understand just how difficult it is for web designers to go about their business and actually do all of these crazy things online because they really are rather difficult, and that is just the beginning of all this type of crap that the whole web design industry is currently facing, and if I was in the web design industry these days then I would seriously be concerned about what is going to happen to my line of work and my jobs or my colleagues for a bunch of different reasons, but the main reasons include that just about anyone can be a web designer these days. It’s kind of about time that this happens to the web design industry, I must admit, and that is because the internet has opened the doors to a lot of different fields of work that were previously really hard to get into, and then of course it has completely changed the landscapes of a bunch of professions as well, and now the tables have turned on the creators of the internet themselves and now the internet is available for anyone to create and put together, and I think this is really big step for web design in general and for the most part it is really embraced by web designers because they know for the most part that normal people will only be able to create really simple websites and not be able to do all of the really cool things that they know how to do, an that means that for the most part people are going to be in the dark about what exactly they are doing for themselves, and that’s chill I guess.

So if you are interested in web design then you have definitely come to the right place on the world wide web because what we are going to talk about is web design in general and all of the different types of web design, as well as a bunch of different aspects of web design that you probably aren’t even that aware of, but we will help you out so I hope you really like this site and feel free to comment about anything I write because for the most part I don’t care that much about what I say except for saying the words web design.

Internet Growing

When it comes to the internet there definitely are a bunch of different things that we can talk about, but of course on a site like this we are going to be talking about web design and all of the various forms that web design can take, and this is really important for all of us to understand because when it comes down to it web design is definitely the type of thing that people are really interested in and it definitely is becoming more and more popular as to what is going to happen to this interesting field of web design in the future.

This is something that a lot of people in the field are concerned about, because when we think about it for so long people who were experts at things like HTML and JavaScript were able to make a ton of money creating websites for small businesses and all different types of people who just wanted to make a website because they were the only people who could actually do it, but now things have started to change with sites like Squarespace and other really cool internet web design sites that have made web design possible for anybody, and I think this is what the internet is all about because it is has opened so many doors to literally everything so it definitely should open up the doors to building the internet itself up, which means that everyone should learn how to build websites and maybe HTML and web design classes should be mandatory in high school and other classes, but the truth of the matter is that web design simply isn’t for every body, which definitely means that a lot of us need to understand that web design is a very intricate field that we all need to make sure of in terms of what we are going to do with your life and websites online, which could seriously be endless at this point in time, and you can do it yourself because the entire field of web design is now wide open to the public.

And that makes these days really exciting in terms of web design. So if you are  a web designer or someone who has built a website before or maybe you are just thinking about building your first website and you have questions, well it doesn’t really matter because all of these articles now pertain to literally everyone so if you are here then you have definitely found yourself to a really awesome link of HTML coding language because you are in a spot online that is technically all about web design and we are going to get into all of the nitty gritty aspects and the technological side of web design in all of these articles, so I hope you enjoy these articles as we delve into the art of web design.

The thing is when you decide that your business or yourself needs a website you have to first understand what exactly you are going to be getting out of this site and what you want to do with it and how it is going to look and how it is going to present the information that you want it to convey, and this is really just the beginning brainstorming phases of building a site through web design. It is true that web design is a very creative field because you are literally going into the back end of the internet and creating things from nothing, and although it might just look like a bunch of HTML code it still is definitely going to be creative because it is thinking of something before it is there and then putting it there online, and of course this is really complicated and people don’t always get the hang of web design and HTML in general very quickly, if at all. Of course when we think of all the different types of things that we see in websites we have to understand that small widgets and other things on sites are all put there through web design and it takes a bunch of things on the back end to even think about putting something like a widget in a certain spot on a page, but thus is the world of web design and it definitely is confusing.

Marketing Online

Now when it comes to web design there really is a lot of different disciplines at stake, and of course web design encompasses a whole bunch of different aspects of the whole term and conditions of the internet as well maintenance and other things that are needed in order to create and operate a running website on the internet, and this is obviously a lot easier said then done.

Now of course there are a bunch of newer terms that have come into play in terms of web design that have now made the whole concepts of marketing and getting websites seen by people a whole ordeal and process that has made some people a bunch of money, and we are mostly talking about things like search engine optimization in which web designers will purposely try to implement certain keywords and other terms to help people and their site pop up during a specific search engine results page, and of course this is specific to just about anything that you can look up on a search engine, which is literally anything. Of course the ways in which search engines work are relatively known to the general public, and of course people who work in web design, so now web designers have had to think about a lot more when they are creating a site because it is pretty obvious that the internet has recently been flooded with content in recent years almost to the point of over saturation of online content, but the point is that for the most part when people are creating their own business’ website or their own personal website they don’t necessarily need the help of a professional web designer anymore because there are sites out there online like Word Press that have allowed for common, regular Joe American to be able to create their own websites without needing to know al of the intricate technologies and HTML coding that goes into making a website up and running the old fashion way. Maybe this is just the evolution of the internet and web design in general, but it is definitely going to be one of the topics of discussion throughout all of these articles and throughout this website because from our perspectives we are seeing a time in web design that is worth talking and reading about, because right now we are in a golden revolution in which the common man can create on the internet, of course at a limited capacity, but in terms of the entire web design industry, which just so happens to be a very lucrative industry, there are some questions that need to be answered and we are more than willing to answer those questions in these articles. So if you are a professional web designer or maybe you are just really interested in learning more about web design and the future of the industry, well then you have definitely come to an interesting spot on the internet because this entire articles are dedicated to web design and talking about this business in line of work in a variety of different ways is what we are going to discuss throughout these various articles.


So let’s just talk about the basics really quick in this first article, and in particular we are going to figure out what some certain terms mean in order for the rest of the articles to make more sense. So when we say a term like the front-end that means what we the normal people on the internet will see a website as, and then the back-end is where the web designers work where the actual page of the internet looks more like the matrix with a bunch of numbers and random coding that is actually the language of the internet. The thing is that most people do not know how to work this really elaborate language that is HTML, which stands for hyper text markup language, which really is a cyber language that is pretty much universal and is the language of the internet and web, and this is the basics of web design, so till next time guys and we’ll look forward to teaching you more about web design.